What Your Food Cravings Really Mean....and How to Sweat Them Away!



Have you ever wondered why there are some days when all you want to eat are cookies? Like literally, a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies? Or chips?

Let’s be honest, food cravings are real. My sudden urge for chocolate is so real that I have a hidden stash at home and the office! Food cravings are our body’s way of telling us what it needs. There is nothing wrong with occasionally satisfying our cravings with candy or chips, but there are healthy alternatives that can do the trick.

Look below to find your craving and a healthy way to satisfy it! Your body is trying to tell you something ..... are you listening?

If you’re craving sweets.....                                                                                                            Shows a possible lack of chromium, magnesium, sulfur, carbon-phosphorus, or tryptophan. Instead of a trip to the cookie jar, fill up with fresh fruit, cheese, or nature’s candy - the sweet potato.

If you’re craving carbs....                                                                                                                  Your body might need nitrogen which is found in high-protein foods like fish, meat, nuts, and beans. Snack on a handful of almonds or a black bean burrito bowl (black beans, corn, pico de gallo, guac, and brown rice).

If you're craving junk food.....                                                                                                           Your body is probably lacking in calcium. Imagine how good you will feel when you substitute pizza and fries with a healthy kale salad with steamed broccoli, chicken, croutons, and parmesan cheese! Really!

If you’re craving caffeine....                                                                                                              Your body might be lacking salt and iron. Try an egg white omelet in the morning made with turkey or chicken. Snack on black cherries. Also, make sure you are not dehydrated. Drink a glass of water before that second cup of coffee!

Pica                                                                                                                                                      Do you constantly chew on ice? You could be iron deficient. Consume plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts to boost your mineral levels.

Ready to change your eating habits and live a more healthy lifestyle?  You may decide on a juice cleanse or other forms of detox. Be aware that it is perfectly normal for chronic conditions that you suffer from to temporarily worsen as your body strengthens its natural healing process.  This common cleansing reaction occurs when your body releases toxins faster than it can eliminate them. Infrared Saunas speed up the healing process by eliminating toxins through sweat.  

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