Sweat Your Way to Healthier Skin


It is strange to think about, but our skin is the body’s largest organ. It actually covers 20 square feet!  

Studies show that Far Infrared Sauna Skin Therapy can improve the look and health of your skin in as little as 12 weeks, resulting in firmer younger looking skin. 

We might not realize it, but our skin actually reflects our overall health and wellness!Let’s look at some trouble areas and how Infrared Sauna Skin Therapy can help.

LOSS OF ELASTICITY-  In a 2006 clinical study, collagen and elastin production in dermal fibroblasts increased after a 6-month treatment using infrared sauna resulting in an improvement in skin texture and roughness.  The results also suggested an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles because of increased collagen and elastin contents from the dermal fibroblasts.

ACNE - Acne, blackheads, and inflammation can be helped by improving circulation and opening the pores through sweating during a far infrared sauna treatment.  Most acne is caused by excessive oil on the skin.  By opening the pores and allowing the sebum to drain, infrared saunas can help to reduce the bacteria on the skin. Be sure to drink enough water to keep a healthy electrolyte balance to prevent breakouts!

SKIN DETOX- Like the other organs in your body, skin is benefitted by the removable of unhealthy toxins.  Metals, pollution impurities, makeup, and toxic chemicals are removed during an Infrared Sauna sweat.  

So instead of expensive cosmetic treatments that have limited long-term results, treat your skin naturally and effectively with Infrared Sauna and enjoy that Post Sweat Glow!