5 Reasons to Join The Coconut Cult (AKA Magic in a Jar)

If you’re a health junky like us, we’re sure you have heard all about the craze that is The Coconut Cult Probiotic Coconut Yogurt.  But what is it, and why does it cost more than a drop-in workout sesh!? We found ourselves wondering the same thing, and could not pass up providing this little miracle to our customers once we learned all of its benefits.  Here are the top five reasons you should join The Coconut Cult:

Photo via www.savoringtheflavoring.com

Photo via www.savoringtheflavoring.com


1. Balanced Digestive System 

This yogurt is not just for taste-bud pleasure.  In fact, it’s better to view this yogurt as a probiotic supplement rather than a food.  Each serving contains 25 billion human strains of probiotics, and each container contains 800 billion highly active probiotics, which makes this yogurt unlike anything else on the market.  Newbies should start with 1-2 tablespoons per day, in place of a typical probiotic supplement, and can increase their intake as a tolerance builds.  Be sure to start small, otherwise you could experience, well, some unwelcome digestive side effects.  There are 16 servings per jar, so it totals to about $1.50 per serving - Pretty affordable considering the health benefits!

2. ACTIVE Probiotics

Okay, so why should we take our probiotics in yogurt form? When probiotic supplements are freeze-dried, they go into hibernation.  However, the probiotic cultures in The Coconut Cult yogurt are AWAKE and ready to go! The CC yogurt probiotics are able to resist our stomach acids, which other supplements are not able to do.  This means that we get a more impactful dosage of probiotics, rather than our typical pill-per-day regiment.  So yes, we are telling you it tastes good AND works better than traditional probiotic supplements!

3. Clear Skin

There is no denying skin is ALWAYS in, and The Coconut Cult yogurt could be your answer to the best skin of your life.  Probiotics reduce inflammation in the gut, which can also reduce acne-causing inflammation.  Look at it this way, if your intestinal flora is unhappy, so is your skin.  The stomach is part of our immune system, so it is important that we keep it healthy and strong.  Remember, a healthy and strong gut leads to beautiful and clear skin! 

4. Bye-Bye Cold Season!

A healthy gut leads to a boost in your immune system.  During cold season, it is important to keep our immune systems strong so they can protect us from the cold and flu.  A daily probiotic significantly increases healthy gut flora, which in turn creates a stronger defense system for your body.  BONUS, The Coconut Cult yogurt is an even stronger dosage of probiotics, so your immune system will be even stronger.  Pair that with a few sweat sessions, and you’re practically cold-proof! 

5. Potential Weight Loss

Probiotics help you feel fuller longer.  This means that you will take in less calories throughout the day, which could aid in weight loss.  Probiotics may also help your body burn more calories and store less fat.  Everyone is different, and what works for one might not work for another, but who wants to pass up the opportunity to potentially store less fat!? Are we right!?


The Coconut Cult is available for purchase in our studio locally here in Nashville.  If you do not reside in the Nashville area, it is also available for purchase here: www.thecoconutcult.com