Brush Your Way to a Better Sweat!

Dry brushing is all the rage!  Celebs, like Gwyneth Paltrow, are big supporters of this skincare routine for many reasons.  We don’t know about you, but brushing our skin didn’t sound all that appealing when we first heard about this craze.  However, dry brushing can be very beneficial for your skin’s appearance and overall health.  The act of dry brushing is very simple.  Usually before showering, using a natural bristle brush, one will brush the skin, starting from the feet and moving upward towards the heart.  This helps to eliminate the outer layer of dead skin on our bodies.  Not only that, this is a direct opening to our lymphatic system.  

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What the heck is a lymphatic system, you ask? The lymphatic system is a combination of tissue and organs that help rid the body of toxins.  Spreading lymph, a fluid containing white blood cells that fight infection, is the main focus of the lymphatic system.  So in other words, dry brushing will jumpstart your lymph into motion! This will aid in lymphatic drainage, which will help to eliminate toxins.  Some other benefits of dry brushing include:

1. Glowing Skin

Exfoliation leads to healthier skin.  Shedding the dead skin cells off of our bodies allows our skin to look refreshed and revived.  This is the first benefit that most people notice once he or she starts dry brushing.  Pair that with a few sweat sessions, and we will practically be summer beach goddesses!

2. Goodbye Cellulite!

Just like our sweat sessions, dry brushing helps with the appearance of cellulite.  There isn’t much evidence to support this claim about dry brushing, but many people who do this daily report having less cellulite.  So why not try it? Summer is just around the corner, you know!

3. Say No More to Body Acne

Eliminating dead skin cells and brushing over your pores can help remove dirt and acne-causing pollutants from the skin.  Dry brushing can improve everything from acne, to ingrown hairs! Do you hear that? It’s clear skin calling your name!

Pairing dry brushing in your morning routine along with weekly sweat sessions will definitely help to further eliminate toxins from the body.  Combining the two sounds like the ultimate detox, and we are here for it! You can purchase your own dry brush here:

Why You Should Have Plants in Your Home

Have you ever felt your anxiety levels decrease when you were outdoors on a sunny day? Taking a walk in nature is not only good for your health, but it is also great for your soul.  Considering these benefits, it only makes sense to want to bring some of the outdoors… indoors.  If you’re someone who is thinking about bringing plants into your home, do not wait any longer! We have rounded up the top reasons why you should bring greenery into your living space.

Photo via @thejungalow

Photo via @thejungalow

Fiddle-Leaf Fig // Photo via @drivenbydecor

Fiddle-Leaf Fig // Photo via @drivenbydecor

1. Plants Purify the Air

A famous NASA experiment found that plants can purify the air, eliminating the indoor environment of cancer-causing pollutants.  Plants, such as the Peace Lilly, are able to remove indoor pollutants through their leaves and their roots in the soil.  For us, living in the city comes with the knowledge of knowing there is pollution in our air.  Knowing that we can bring plants into our homes to decrease the number of toxic chemicals in our air definitely brings a sense of relief.  When it comes to choosing a plant, the leafier and fuller the plant, the better.  We particularly like fiddle-leaf figs for their beautiful leaves and ability to grow tall and strong.

2. Plants Reduce Stress Levels

Studies have shown that plants have the ability to reduce stress by suppressing the nervous system.  Being out in nature significantly reduces our stress levels, so it only makes sense that having plants in our homes will do the same thing.  Reduced stress comes with a lot of other positive factors, such as, increased productivity and happiness.  It has been shown that people who have plants in their workplace are more productive and efficient than those who do not.  So we can be happier, more productive, and healthier just by surrounding ourselves with nature!

3. Plants Boost Interior Attractiveness 

If you look through interior design catalogues or Instagram accounts, you will almost always notice that plants play a major role in the aesthetic of certain homes and spaces.  Plants are not only good for you, but they also look great indoors! We would much rather have beautiful, leafy plants fill our spaces rather than big, blocky air purifiers.  You really can’t go wrong with adding greenery to your home. 


Plants make the world go round… literally.  They are a major part of our ecosystem and well-being.  With knowing that plants can purify the air, reduce our stress, and brighten-up our homes, it is a no-brainer to welcome the outdoors inside.  So today, we encourage you to get outside! Take a walk in nature, and take it all in...side.  Oh, and if you need us, you can find us hanging at home with our new green BFF’s!